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Humboldt-Kolleg (get more information)

Regional and interdisciplinary conferences initiated by Humboldt associations and individual Humboldtians.


Humboldt Network (get more information)

The Humboldt Foundation promotes an active world-wide network of longstanding follow-up contacts for scholars. Contact between Humboldtians and with the Foundation should be fostered.


Network Online (get more information)

Search electronically all Humboldtians worldwide with contact details according to:

  • Name

  • Country of origin

  • Institution of higher education/research

  • Research field

  • Host institution in Germany

  • Special features of the network are:

  • Humboldtians can update their own data online

  • Bibliographia Humboldtiana: Humboldtians can feed in their own publications


Humboldt Kosmos (get more information)

The Humboldt Foundation releases this magazine containing the latest news and general notifications.


Humboldt Associations (get more information)

Alumni associations abroad that maintain close contact with the Humboldt Foundation and assist, for example, in arranging Humboldt colloquia and meetings abroad.

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