Welcome Centres (2006-2008)
The Welcome Centre for internationally mobile researchers is a project aiming to create an ideal framework for internationally mobile researchers and their families spending a research stay in Germany. The Centres are located within various cosmopolitan universities.

Through these centres, international researchers receive personal support in dealing with administrative matters and organising their and their families’ stay in Germany. The centres’ goals are making international researchers feel welcome in Germany and allowing them to concentrate on their work under the best possible conditions. Key activities are:


Prospective research partners
Information about the participating universities Bonn, Bochum and Marburg, their academic profile, research priorities and job offers


Pre-departure preparations
Checklist of all formalities, visa and entry conditions, residence permit, language skills, documents you need


Arriving in Germany
How to get to your destination, airport transfer


Your stay in Germany
Accommodation, formalities and local authorities, taxes, opening a bank account, insurance, transportation, cars


Living in Germany with your family
Spouses, day care for children, kindergarten, schools


Special information for doctors
Information about work permits and licensing regulations for foreign doctors wishing to practice in Germany


Cultural activities and events
Cinema, carnival, concerts, Christmas markets and other things to do