The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation aims to sponsor its research fellows and award winners on a long-term and individual basis. Contacts with specialist colleagues developed during the fellowship period should be fostered after the initial research stay in Germany in order to sustain and strengthen academic collaboration.


Finally, alumni sponsorship should enable the successful completion of academic work in progress. Alumni sponsorship is not subject to an age limit.


Alumni Programmes

Who: research fellows following initial sponsorship


What: programs for additional research visits to Germany and the promotion of scholarly work at the fellows’ home institutions


Why: to establish and maintain lasting contacts with researchers in Germany and to foster a world-wide interdisciplinary network of scholars


How: upon application by research fellows and/or their academic hosts or by invitation from the Humboldt Foundation


What: residence allowance (short visits up to 30 days) or resumption of the research fellowship (longer research stays up to three months


Why: continuation or completion of work that was started during the first period of sponsorship or initiation of new joint research projects, free choice of academic host, funding via daily allowances or monthly payments, but no funding of travel expenses


How: any time applications directly to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

What: financial allowances for research fellows to attend academic conferences in Germany.


Requirement: have an active part in these conferences, for example by delivering lectures/posters etc.


Why: daily allowances and, in cases of active participation, reimbursement of conference fees


How: any time applications directly to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

What: guest visits by academics from Germany to Humboldtians’ institutes abroad (Sur Place)


Why: total or partial cover of travel expenses incurred by the German academic


How: any time applications directly to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Humboldt alumni can host a Feodor Lynen Fellow from Germany at their home institution.


Feodor Lynen Research Fellowships for postdoctoral researchers 
Scientists who completed their doctorate less than four years ago


Feodor Lynen Research Fellowships for experienced researchers

Who: Scientists who completed their doctorate less then 12 years ago. Programs for leading German researchers of all disciplines holding doctorates, rated “excellent” or “very good”. Further requirements: academic publications in internationally recognised journals and publishing houses, agreement by academic host (who must be a Humboldtian) to provide a research position, good knowledge of the language spoken in the host country or at least a very good knowledge of English are required


What: research visits by German postdocs to the institutions of Humboldt researchers outside of Germany for periods of six to 24 months, for postdoctoral researchers, or six to 18 months, for experienced researchers (may be divided up into three blocks)


Where: at institutions of scholars who have been sponsored or honoured by the Humboldt Foundation


Why: to carry out research projects initiated and proposed by the fellow, sponsored by the Foundation


How: any time applications directly to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

What: invitation for a renewed research stay


Why: aim of continuing cooperation initiated during the award winner's original stay or to complete a joint research project and sponsorship by the Humboldt Foundation


How: recommendations can only be made by scholars in Germany