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The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation provides guest researchers with as much individual assistance as possible. Therefore, the Foundation supports their researchers via


  • experienced staff at the Foundation

  • direct contact with staff during events

  • alumni associations in more than 70 countries, visit Humboldt Association of Canada (HAC) website

  • academic cooperation with partners in Germany and abroad during an entire academic career


First-time participants are supported via various, helpful sponsorships and activities like language courses and study tours for fellows, annual meetings and symposia for research awardees.


Alumni are sponsored on a long-term and individual basis via follow-up programs. Contacts with specialist colleagues developed during the fellowship period should be fostered after the initial research stay in Germany in order to sustain and strengthen academic collaboration.


Finally, alumni sponsorship should enable the successful completion of academic work in progress. Alumni sponsorship is not subject to an age limit.

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