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The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has partnered with the University of Alberta and launched the Humboldt Foundation Liaison Office in Canada. This partnership was launched in February 2007 and aims to facilitate collaboration between Canada and Germany. Through this partnership, the Humboldt Foundation Liaison Office in Canada will serve as a coordinating centre for the promotion of the Foundation's programs in Canada in collaboration with the Humboldt Association of Canada.


The scope of the collaboration is to increase knowledge in Canada of the programs of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Activities will include the following:


  • Encouraging and assisting young researchers and academics from Canada to apply for Alexander von Humboldt programs.

  • Promoting recruitment of German postdoctoral fellows to Canada.

  • Working to negotiate relationships and agreements between the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and research agencies and organizations in Canada.

  • Supporting Alexander von Humboldt Foundation network events.


The logo of the Humboldt Foundation Liaison Office in Canada is based upon the outcome of focus groups with several Humboldt fellows held in Edmonton in early April 2007. The visual identity, which contains maple leaves and a scarf, represents the Humboldt Foundation and its programs from a Canadian perspective. The green scarf symbolizes the strong tie that connects Humboldtians even after their stay in Germany has come to an end. It was designed by Wayne A. Williams, and Edmonton-based designer.


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